King Kullen’s negotiating committee meet with union reps to avoid a strike

King Kullen’s negotiating committee met again with union representatives to avoid a strike on Friday.
During a meeting Thursday night, it was unanimously voted to authorize a strike. Although there are currently no plans to begin the strike, employees say they will if they do not get the pay raise they are asking for.
A five-year agreement between the King Kullen and local 1500 expired in December. However, that contract has continued during recent bargaining.
There have been nine negotiation sessions since the contract ended.
“We’re just looking for something like a ‘thank you.’ We shouldn’t be struggling right now, and we feel like we’re struggling right now,” said one employee at the meeting.
The CEO of King Kullen released a statement to News 12 Long Island reading in part, “Historically, King Kullen and Local 1500 have enjoyed a good relationship and have always come to a settlement in their negotiations. We have every reason to believe that the same will be true this year.”