Jury gets case of driver who critically hurt cop

Jury deliberations began Friday in the trial of a man accused of driving drunk and smashing into a Nassau police officer?s patrol car, leaving him critically injured.
Rahiem Griffin, 28, was charged with driving while intoxicated, driving without a license and reckless assault in the May 2008 crash that injured 31-year-old Officer Kenneth Baribault. Twice Friday the jury asked for some of the charges to be read back to them, including the DWI and reckless assault charges. Members also asked for testimony regarding Griffin's blood alcohol level to be read back.
Griffin's attorney says he expects the jury to find his client guilty of DWI and driving without a license, but says Griffin is not guilty of reckless assault. Griffin says he fell asleep behind the wheel and that his car had a faulty tire. Griffin?s sister spoke to reporters for the first time Friday.
?Raheim is a kind and loving person [who] would never intentionally harm anyone, let alone an officer that is here to serve and protect us,? says Keisha Griffin. ?God bless the officer.?
Baribault?s sister Danielle Rella says no matter the outcome of the trial, her family is just grateful Ken is alive and will focus on his health and recovery. Deliberations will resume Monday. If Griffin is found guilty, Baribault says he wants to be present for the sentencing.