'It was like a war zone' - Residents call Isaias' tree damage worse than Sandy

Some Long Island residents have likened the damage left by Isaias as just as bad as what Sandy left behind years ago.
From Nassau to Suffolk, Plainview to Huntington and the North Shore to the South Shore, the cleanup from Isaias is happening just about everywhere Wednesday.
In Woodbury, big trees blocked major roads and took out power, while in Huntington, residents were not able to get in and out of some neighborhoods.
"I didn't think it was going to be bad at all, I was at the office, and the wind started picking up and I said, 'Wow, I should probably get home, this is a lot worse than I thought,'" says Rich Yevoli, of West Hills. "Driving back from Woodbury to here, it was like a war zone."
Perry Beek says luckily he only has a lot of branches to pick up on his property in Woodbury. But a big tree just down to road couldn't withstand Tuesday's winds.
"I heard a crack and an explosion and a pop. I was looking out from the upstairs window and I saw the sparks at the transformer level," says Beek.
Over in Plainview, a big tree limb came down on Netto Lane, blocking the road. Down on Joyce Road, a van suffered damage from a falling tree.
Many people have told News 12 they are grateful the storm did not bring flooding with it, but that tree-related damage is even worse than what came from Superstorm Sandy.
"I was expecting something more minor because we haven't seen something like this in many years, many years I would say," says Jason Gang, of Plainview.