Island Park woman arrested twice after release under bail reform law

An Island Park woman is accused of breaking into a Hewlett school following her release from jail under the new bail reform law.
Police say 20-year-old Maria Campione was arrested twice on New Year's Day, just one day after she was released from the Nassau County Jail in East Meadow under the new bail reform law.
Campione had been held on $25,000 bail since October for a previously burglary, but under the new law she was released on no bail on New Year's Eve.
Police say one day later, she was caught scrawling graffiti on a bank and given a desk appearance ticket to appear in court on a later date. Police say seven hours after that she smashed the window of Hewlett Elementary School, ran through the halls and pulled the fire alarm causing the fire department to respond to a false alarm. Officials were then called and responding officers located Campione.
After a brief pursuit, Campione was placed into custody and is charged with burglary, criminal mischief and falsely reporting an incident.
Campione's mother told News 12 she wishes her daughter hadn't gotten out on bail because she is mentally ill and will keep doing the same thing. She says she's desperately trying to get her daughter help but can't.
Her arraignment came on the first full day of arraignments under the new bail reform law.
Campione was released again Thursday after her arraignment, but the judge did order a mental health evaluation and she will have to wear an electronic monitoring device.