'I don't have to wear pants all month!' Quotes from children during the pandemic

We may be facing a global pandemic in a COVID-19 world, but children still know how to lighten the mood.

The Huff Post reports that as families practice social distancing and face the new normal, kids are still making their parents laugh with their sweet and funny observations.

Some parents cataloged some of their children's comments on LittleHoots website. They include:

1. "Mom this social distancing thing is awesome. I don't have to wear pants all month!" Jonah, age 13.

2. "I think momma needs a nap." Reid, age 2

3. When quarantine makes you lose sense of time...One night at 8:30 p.m. 2-year-old Cici asked her mom, "Can I have lunch?"

4. After one mom lost her temper during homework time, her 5-year-old named Devon said "Mommy, throw away all of your madness!"

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