How to keep your pets healthy and happy during the coronavirus pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, many pet owners are most likely unaware of what their furry friends are going through. Veterinary Consultant Dr. Albert Ahn has some tips.
"They're very keen observers," says Dr. Ahn. “Dogs and cats can feel stress.
Dr. Ahn says the signs of stress can manifest in different ways:
If your dog is starting to tremble or shake.
Attempting to hide or escape.
Starting to lick or scratch compulsively.

Starting to engage in destructive behavior.

Become more lethargic.

If they have significant loss in body weight.
To keep pets healthy and happy, Dr. Ahn says, “Go for a walk around the neighborhood, or play in your backyard. Exercise is really, really important for our four-legged friends. "

Also, don’t forget about food.

"Good quality dog food is one that is well-balanced, high quality protein, carbohydrates and fat,” says Dr. Ahn.
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Ways a pet parent can boost their dog’s immune system:
1. Maintain a healthy body weight:
Reduce the risk of obesity -make sure that there is a balance between food intake and regular daily exercise.
Exercise is key – Even though we are in quarantine, try to find ways to play/run /walk your dog regularly.
Portion Control -- Feed your dog the right amount of food each day.
2. Boost Muscle Health -- stronger muscles help boost a dog’s immune system:
Importance of maintaining an Ideal Body Condition Score.
Increased muscle mass can reduce harmful inflammation which can adversely affect the immune system.
More muscle means increased calorie-burning tissue.
3. Protein-enriched diet:
A well-balanced diet includes the right amount of high-quality protein, carbohydrates and dietary fat.
Include vitamins, minerals, supplements.
Protein will help to build and maintain strong and healthy muscles for your dog.
Protein is also important to help repair tissues in the body and to help make important hormones, enzymes and other chemicals that are important for your dog’s immunity.