House passes motion to refer possible expulsion of Rep. Santos to bipartisan Ethics Commission

The House of Representatives passed a motion Wednesday that would refer to the possible expulsion of Rep. George Santos from Congress to the bipartisan House Ethics Commission.
The new effort to expel Santos from Congress was put forth by Long Island Rep. Anthony D'Esposito.
"I believe that this individual is a stain on the institution, a stain on the state of New York, a stain on Long Island and a stain on the beloved Nassau County," D'Esposito said. "With that said, we believe that this resolution should be send to the commission on ethics to ensure a thorough and expedient investigation into this matter."
Rep. Nick LaLota released a statement after voting to refer Santos' case to the House Committee on Ethics. The statement said in part, "While I would have preferred there to be enough votes to expel the sociopath scam artist, Congressman D'Esposito has spearheaded the next best option."
News 12 reached out to Rep. Santos for comment but have not heard back.