Homeless man saved from fall off parking garage

Suffolk police say officers stopped a man distraught over the loss of his job and home from going over the edge of a garage at the Huntington train station Thursday night.
The man was pulled from the edge of a ledge, police say. It?s not uncommon to see people pushed to the breaking point by their financial situations these days, according to experts. However, they stress that there is help available. Nancy Jamie, of the Long Island Crisis Center, says the financial crisis is taking a toll on many Long Islanders.
"A lot of people are losing their jobs and it puts a tremendous strain on ? everybody,? Jamie says. ?It reaches the point where ? sometimes people are just desperate and they just are actually feeling suicidal."
Trained hotline specialists at the Long Island Crisis Center, in Bellmore, receive 25 to 30 calls a day, they say. The organization also provides job placement, housing and foreclosure assistance, help for drug and alcohol abuse and family counseling services for free.
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