High schoolers are having an even harder time college hunting due to the coronavirus pandemic

Choosing a college can be the biggest decision many high schoolers make. Now, it's harder to make that choice without ever having seen some or all of the schools they are choosing from.
That's a frightening reality for many students now that college campuses have shut down. Tours and accepted student days were also canceled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
Many schools do offer virtual tours through their websites, and several have pushed back their decision day deadline from May 1 to June 1.
Students like Farmingdale High School senior Lauren Miller say choosing a college is going to be challenging.
"It's definitely stressful. I've been pretty stressed out recently because I see all of these people committing, and I know I don't have to rush because they've pushed back the deadlines ... but I'd feel better if I had a better plan and knew where I wanted to go," she says.
Experts advise to stay calm, research as much as you can online and contact the school directly. Students can also ask to be connected with student ambassadors or mentors. Experts advise to use social media to reach out to current students and their parents for help.