Hapless trio of alleged burglars caught red-handed

Police say they Tasered a burglary suspect after catching him and two others stealing from a Ronkonkoma home Friday.
The owner of the home, David Kelleher, says luck was definitely on his side. He says his neighbor, who happened to be home at a time he usually isn?t, saw the burglars climbing through the upstairs window and called 911. Police say the operation was botched from the beginning.
Police rushed to the house and say they caught the men, who had already snatched some jewelry and ransacked the home.
When police came to the front door, Kelleher says, one of the suspects stuck his head out the window and inquired why the officer was there. The officer asked the suspect if he lived there and the man replied yes. When the suspect went downstairs to present identification, cops grabbed him, the homeowners says.