Hamptons sand mine accused of illegal activity, environmentalists demand action from town

Environmentalists are alleging a controversial sand mine in the Hamptons is still operating illegally, and town officials are doing nothing about it.
The Sand Land Mine in Noyac is the site of a battleground between its owners, lawmakers and Long Island environmentalists.
Town officials in Southampton -- which has jurisdiction -- are accused of failing to stop what critics are calling illegal activities at the mine, which they claim has contaminated the groundwater below.
According to the Suffolk County Health Department, Sand Land has contaminated the aquifer that sits below its 50-acre site.
"Unfortunately they found significant groundwater contamination, including heavy metals and traces of radiation," says Adrienne Esposito, with Citizens Campaign for the Environment. "We have lots of video and evidence that Sand Land continues to take in mysterious material that is illegal."
Sand Land is by law only allowed to use material that is taken from the mine and is not allowed to use the site for anything else.
Although the town of Southampton has issued a cease-and-desist order in May, lawmakers and environmental say the town has not enforced it.
The town of Southampton issued a statement saying it is actively investigating the Sand Land mining operation and that court action has been delayed due to COVID-19.
Attorneys of Sand Land have not responded to News 12 for comment.