Hampton Bays wildlife rescue center low on funds due to the pandemic

Workers at the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center in Hampton Bays say the pandemic has created may challenges from them.

Two major fundraisers were canceled that were expected to bring in $200,000. Despite the lack of funds, the wildlife animal hospital is still hard at work.
"We are at capacity, we have over 268 animals in the hospital right now,” says Shelley Berkoski.

Jim MacDougall, an educator at the center, says injured and sick wildlife from across Long Island are brought to the center to be cared for and healed every day.
"There is no one to take care of these wild animals when they get sick or when are they get injured, so they rely totally on us," he says.
However, MacDougall says feeding the animals in need is often costly.

"The money has kind of dwindled because we can't do our fundraisers, and it's very expensive to take care of these animals,” he says.

The rescue center set up online fundraising in hopes it will be able to make enough to do what it needs.
Some of the animals that are not able to return to the wild live at the rescue center, where guests can learn all about them and see them up close and personal.