Group saves domesticated ducks from LI ponds, lakes

Long Island Orchestrating for Nature, or LION, has helped rescue about 300 domesticated ducks that have been dumped in Long Island ponds or lakes so far this year.
They say it has been a growing problem since domesticated ducks cannot survive in the wild.
On Friday morning, volunteers saved two ducks from Mill Pond in Wantagh that were waterlogged and were at risk of drowning or being picked off by a predator.
“Domestic ducks cannot fly, by and large," says John Di Leonardo, of LION. ”If they can, they definitely can't stay in flight. They can't migrate. They do not survive our winters. These guys probably wouldn't have survived through the week.”
LION says the two ducks will be taken to an animal sanctuary out of the state. They say the dumped ducks were either part of a school hatching project or pets that became too large for their owner.