'Greatest Father's Day gift' - New dad who beat coronavirus meets newborn son

A new dad thanked the doctors and nurses who gave him the best Father's Day gift ever -- helping him beat coronavirus so he could finally see his newborn son.
Tony Thomas, a faith-filled husband and father, fought hard for 39 days to beat the coronavirus.
The symptoms started off mild, but Thomas, a registered nurse who works in Brooklyn, quickly knew he was in trouble when he couldn't breathe.
As the 39-year-old was rushed to St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, his wife Riya went into labor with their third child at a hospital nearby.
Dr. Jeffrey Wolf says he and the medical staff worked day and night to save the New Hyde Park man's life.
But the medical staff believes part of Thomas' recovery was his desire to see his newborn son. And just as hope was about to fade, Thomas managed to breathe on his own.
Although he was ready to leave the hospital, he still could not see his newborn son.
It was 54 days before Thomas could meet Jonathon.
"That was the hardest thing for me being at the hospital. I wasn't able to see him for all that time," said Thomas.
Thomas said he is counting his blessings this Father's Day.
"I want to thank the staff at St. Francis Hospital for giving me wonderful care and I was able to survive this," Thomas said. "This is my greatest Father's Day gift and I can't ask for anything better."