Gov. Cuomo calls on President Trump to issue nationwide mask mandate

To wear a mask or to not -- it's a question that doesn't seem to go away and has even gotten confusing to some.
Northwell Health Infectious Disease Chief Dr. Bruce Farber says masks aren't a complete fix, but are an effective barrier.
"Masks aren't the total solution to the COVID problem, which is an enormously complicated issue," says Farber. "But it is a very cheap, easy to use barrier and there's no question that in states that have eased up on these guidelines too quickly, there is a price to be paid."
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing a face covering whenever you're around people outside of your household if social distancing isn't possible. Children under 2 years old and anyone who has trouble breathing are not required to wear them.
On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on President Donald Trump to issue a mask mandate.
"Just sign an executive order saying wear a mask. We did it two months ago in the state. Other states are just starting to do it now," says Cuomo.
But on a News 12 Facebook poll, the idea of a mandate ended up being controversial.
Cathy Ahler says, "You can mandate. Who will be able to enforce. It is simply common sense to wear a mask to try to stop the spread. However common sense is not common!"
But other users called a mandate "unconstitutional." Another said it's a right whether to wear or not outdoors, but it should be required inside.
Meanwhile, Heather Friedfertig says, "Scientists literally say it helps prevent Covid. It won't be for forever. Chill out everyone just wear a mask."