Glenwood Landing residents fear smoke stacks demolition

Glenwood Landing residents fear smoke stacks demolition

Residents in Glenwood Landing are fearing for their health as demolition debris blows into their neighborhood.

Smoke stacks are being taken down at the Glenwood Power Plant. Resident Lisa Anselmo and her fellow neighbors are concerned about the soot that has landed near their homes.

Anselmo says her children may be at risk by touching their eyes and mouths after being outside among the debris.

A National Grid spokesperson says the stacks were tested for hazardous and regulated materials prior to the demolition. They say no materials of concern were detected.

Environmentalist Adrienne Esposito says the dust poses a health threat regardless of the testing. She says that it does not matter what is in the stack, any particulate matter does damage to the respiratory system, heart, eyes and throat.

National Grid told News 12 this afternoon that the utility and the contractor have re-evaluated the dust controls and modified the work method to further minimize dust.