Get to know Solhaus: Guided meditations, stretches and local entertainment experiences

Solhaus is an experience curated by Connecticut resident Demetrius Glover, 28. As a child who suffered from anxiety, Demetrius grew up into an adult who was prescribed Xanax and Adderall, but felt worse than he did without the medication.
At the age of 26, he decided to dedicate his life to finding a natural alternative to coping with anxiety. Thus, Solhaus was born.
They lead guided meditations, teach stretches that are safe to do from home, and provide live entertainment from local artists of various backgrounds. Events are held both in person (with social distancing and masks) as well as online.
The most recent online sessions expanded to feature international talent including an aerial artist from Delhi and a band from Romania. Pre-COVID, these experiences were also invited to be held in office spaces. Solhaus will officially be 1 year old on Sept. 12, but Glover says this year has taught him so much about resiliency.
"The goal was always to help people and create a community," Glover says. "I've been through enough in order to know that I can overcome and help a community overcome. And so, when everything started shutting down, it was inevitable that we had to make that switch. I would just say that just due to faith and being blessed, everything just panned out the correct way."