Gang-related violence taking shape as key issue for LI voters

President Donald Trump’s vow to end the deadly gang violence that has plagued parts of Long Island could have a big impact on how Nassau County residents vote this fall.
The president spoke in Brentwood Friday about efforts to “liberate” Long Island communities from MS-13-related violence. While the grisly murders of several young people in Suffolk County have gained national attention, Nassau County communities like Westbury and Hempstead have been hit hard by gang violence as well.
Nassau County executive candidate Jack Martins and a potential Democratic opponent, Legislator Laura Curran, both talk tough on MS-13.
Martins says that Curran is backed by progressive groups that oppose the federal crackdown on MS-13, but neither candidate appears willing to give any ground in the fight to combat the deadly street gang.
Curran says she will work with police, the county district attorney, federal prosecutors and the FBI to make sure all communities are safe.
“We're not going to stop enforcing the laws, we're not going to stop protecting our communities, we're certainly not going to stop going after MS-13 out of political correctness, that is the wrong approach,” says Martins.
Curran will face County Comptroller George Maragos in a Democratic primary in September.
News 12 reached out to the Maragos campaign for comment, but the comptroller was not immediately available.