Game, Set...Eat! U.S. Open offers gourmet food lineup from top NYC chefs

The Open will serve 90,000 pounds of beef, 7 tons of seafood and 85,000 pounds of chicken alone.

Kevin Maher

Aug 28, 2023, 10:05 PM

Updated 293 days ago


The U.S. Open is getting started in Queens, with the early focus on the players and the food.
More than 700,000 fans will come to the U.S. Open this year. The Open will serve 90,000 pounds of beef, 7 tons of seafood and 85,000 pounds of chicken alone.
But if you don't do basic and you want something gourmet to please your palate, the U.S. Open has you covered. From starters to steaks, it's all prepared by an all-star lineup of New York celebrity chefs.
"We want the match the elite nature of this sporting event," said chef Melba Wilson from Harlem's famous Melba's restaurant." Wilson is one of 12 New York City chefs who will feature their food at the U.S. Open.
Food Network chef Alex Guarneschelli is serving up fresh cavatappi pasta and cheese in a yellow tomato sauce.
"One of my favorites. It's just kind of addictive," she said.
If you want lobster rolls, chef Josh Capon from New York City's exclusive Flyfish Club has you covered.
"There is just something about a lobster roll with a honey deuce on a hot summer day. It's like a match made in heaven!" said Capon.
This is the first year Wilson has been matched with the U.S. Open. She's bringing spring rolls and other award-winning soul food from her Harlem restaurant to the Open's Food Village.
"It's what you call a soul roll. You have collard greens, black eyed peas and, yes, some rice. Top it off in a spring roll, and bam a little bit of Thai chili sauce bringing a little heat and lots of flavor," said Wilson.
If you're thinking with so much food, where should I start ... you can a grab a sample from the city's hottest new restaurant, Tatiana, and chef Kwame Onwuachi's black bean hummus.
News 12's Kevin Maher asked the chef why his hummus goes so well with tennis.
"Because it has a lot of love in it!" said Onwuachi.
And thanks to these chefs and all the other food, there's something on the menu for everyone to love too.
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