Former West Babylon fire chief returns home after 5-week battle with COVID-19

West Babylon's former fire chief finally got to go home to his family Monday after battling COVID-19 for five weeks.
It was an emotional reunion with his loved ones for 58-year-old Jimmy Campbell. He spent two weeks on a ventilator at Good Samaritan Hospital, another two weeks recovering, followed by a week at Our Lady of Consolation Rehab.
"It was like having a really bad flu in the beginning," says Campbell. "But the day I went to the hospital I realized I was going downhill, and fast."
But now he's finally back with his wife and two dogs -- and he was all smiles.
The 36-year veteran of the West Babylon Fire Department was welcomed by a block filled with family, friends and fellow fire department members.
Now that he's home, Campbell says he can't wait to feel the sun, drink a real cup of coffee and have a virtual visit with his grandson, who lives in Colorado Springs.
"When I woke up out of the coma, that was probably my main focus," says Campbell. "He was born on Halloween, and I have only seen him once."