Former MLB first baseman works the front lines of fight against COVID-19

In 2011, Mark Hamilton won a World Series ring with the St. Louis Cardinals. Now, Hamilton is joining another championship team, the heroes against the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hamilton recently graduated from medical school at Hofstra University.
“I don't think that when any of us started medical school or even entered this final year, we expected to be walking into this,” says Hamilton.
As a first year medical resident, Hamilton will be dealing with a lot of COVID-19 positive patients.
Hamilton will be at Northwell Health North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset and at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.
News 12 asked Hamilton how he went from a Major League Baseball player, to this point.
“So baseball was something that I absolutely loved and I wanted to do at a young age, but so is medicine. I grew up with my dad being a prominent oncology researcher, and I loved all the discussions we would have. A lot of kids may not be interested, but after baseball, it really peaked my interest,” says Hamilton.
Hamilton says in a way there’s some anxiety and a little bit of fear, but there are some similarities from playing ball.
“There are similarities and differences, obviously the situation right now is dire, a lot more so than a game, but the pressure and scrutiny is similar,” says Hamilton. “You learn in professional sports how to operate under difficult circumstances when there's a lot on the line and ultimately those are things I will draw on when I'm in difficult spots here.”