Former donor of Rep. Santos' campaign says he feels betrayed as congressman continues being caught in apparent lies

One of Rep. George Santos' donors tells News 12 he is hurt and disappointed by the many lies the congressman has told.
David Zere worked hard to get the Republican elected but now says he feels betrayed.
" A lot of people were on the ground, and he had a really great grassroots campaign and won by like eight points," Zere said. "And people who helped him are up in arms."
The latest in Santos' list of fabrications was a filing amended to show the congressman did not contribute $500,000 of his own funds despite previously stating he did.
Rep. Santos was asked about the change on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. He claimed the change must have come from someone on his staff, but would not take responsibility for it himself.
"Let's make it very clear, I don't amend anything, I don't touch any of my FEC stuff, right?" Santos told reporters. "Don't be disingenuous and report that I did because you know that every campaign hires fiduciaries."
Also on Wednesday, a new filing with the Federal Election Commission names Thomas Datwyler as Rep. Santos' campaign treasurer.
However, Datwyler's attorney says his client declined the job offer.
On Tuesday's filings, the treasurer was listed as Nancy Marks.
News 12 attempted to contact Marks, but nobody came to the door Wednesday evening at her Shirley home.
Throughout the continuing case, Zere is praising the Nassau GOP for denouncing Santos and is asking House Speaker McCarthy and the National Republican Party to do the same.
"It's that that he steps down," Zere says. "This is a black eye on the GOP."
Despite pressure to resign, Rep. Santos has indicated he has no intention to do so.
The congressman says he plans to hold a news conference to answer everyone's question, but did not say when that would be.