FBI report shows overall decrease in nationwide hate crimes

The FBI released its annual hate crimes report Tuesday, declaring that the number of reported hate crimes across the United States is down for the first time in years.
The report found that in 2018 there were 7,120 hate crimes in the United States, 55 less than the year before.
Nassau and Suffolk counties also saw an overall decrease in reported hate crimes.
In Nassau, there were five reported hate crimes based on race, ethnicity or ancestry, down from nine in 2017. Religious-based hate crimes were cut in half, and according to the report, there weren’t any hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation in either year in Nassau County.
In Suffolk, the number of hates crimes against victims based on race or religion decreased as well, but the amount of hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation increased by six.
Rabbi Klein, of the Merrick Jewish Centre, says despite the encouraging numbers in Nassau and Suffolk, there are still major concerns for the Jewish community on Long Island and across the country.
The report showed that 57% of the religiously-driven hate crimes in the United States were targeted at Jewish people.