Family worries for missing Freeport man last seen near Milburn Pond

A Freeport family is searching for Dennis Jones – a 40-year-old who has been missing since Saturday, Dec. 21.
They say Jones – a father, brother and son, was last seen by a witness near Milburn Pond. That’s where they say they found his jacket, footprints and boots.
News 12 was told that Jones lives at home with his parents so he can be close to his 7-year-old son. He works in construction and has had previous run-ins with the law on drug possession charges.
Police say they launched a helicopter and drone near Milburn Pond and used surface divers and infrared technology, but they have not yet found him.
His mother, Nancy, and sister, Aly, told News 12 that Jones is a good person and they are very worried about him.
"We're waiting…He's coming home. Well find him," his mother says.
"Christmas tree's been dark. The presents aren't opened. The stockings are still there. There was no Santa here. Not for us," says Aly.
The family says they will continue to canvass the community and are waiting on law enforcement to bring a sonar boat to search the pond once more.