Family, Smithtown community organize parade to celebrate child's 1st birthday

It isn't every day you see a caravan of cars rolling down Lindron Avenue in Smithtown -- but a family improvised in order to celebrate a special birthday during trying times.
Thursday was Angelo Bratta's first birthday, and dozens came out to celebrate it, even though the pandemic muddled their plans a bit.
"We were supposed to have a big celebration but because of the virus we weren't able to," says Lena Bratta.
Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and even town police were part of organizing the parade on wheels to bring some birthday joy.
The outpouring of love moved Angelo's mother to tears.
"I was overwhelmed with joy. I couldn't believe it that this many people came to celebrate my first son, and I couldn't be more happy that everyone came for us," says Jovina Bratta, Angelo's mother.
Some of the well-wishers even dropped off presents on the lawn and left personal birthday messages too.