Faculty, school mascot make special deliveries to Connetquot graduating class

Dozens of staff members along with the Connetquot High School Thunderbird mascot drove through the area dropping off caps and gowns plus lawn signs to each senior.
Senior Kim Petersen says it's been kind of rough so it was pretty cool to see everyone.
"We don't have a normal senior year, but at least Connetquot's trying to help us out and make us feel special," says Petersen.
Senior Kayley Gross agrees that it has not been easy, so seeing all the support helps.
"It means so much because we worked so hard these last four years, you know," says Gross. "And whether we get a graduation or not, even this just means so much because we don't know what to expect anymore."
Principal Mike Moran says teachers were emailing him last night about feeling emotional.
"We just want to give them a little something," says Moran. "It's not going to make up for the things they've lost, but they deserve it."
Other faculty members say it was great seeing the smiles on all the kids' faces.
Connetquot has more than 500 graduating seniors this year. Moran says he expects it will take them about five days to complete the deliveries.
It's unclear when the students will get to wear the caps and gowns.