Experts: Some doctors play role in prescription pill epidemic

New questions have come up about whether doctors should be held more accountable for whom they prescribe drugs to following a raid on a Great Neck doctor's office. Some critics say too often, doctors aren't taking the time they should to find out what exactly their patients need. Jeff Reynolds, of the Long Island Coalition Against Alcohol and Drugs, says it's also physicians' responsibility to ask patients about their drug use. "We still hear stories where patients who are struggling with addiction are allowed to leave with a prescription for oxycontin, vicodin, percaset," he says. As News 12 Long Island has reported, the DEA raided the office of Dr. Eric Jacobsen, who has admitted to writing a number of prescriptions for David Laffer and his wife, who soon after turned out to be responsible for the Medford pharmacy massacre.Jacobsen hasn't been charged with anything at this point, and he insists he's done nothing wrong.Experts say doctors who deliberately peddle painkillers for profit are a tiny fraction of the problem. They say most people addicted to painkillers get them through legitimate prescriptions from law-abiding doctors.For an interview with Dr. Eric Jacobsen, go to your digital cable box and select iO Extra on Ch. 612.