Experts: Expect to pay more for real Christmas trees

Long Islanders who want to purchase a live tree could be paying more this holiday season.
Experts say consumers will pay between 10 and 30% more for a live tree.
When it comes to artificial trees, there will be a smaller selection to choose from.
Several factors are driving the trend, including supply chain issues and a lack of truck drivers to make those deliveries.
Karen Musgrave, of Hicks Nursery, says there is a slight increase in prices, but they have ordered 6,000 Christmas trees from Canada and are prepared for shoppers.
"Due to the shortage that we're seeing across the country, we would tell people to shop early," Musgrave says. "Shop early even if you're buying a fresh-cut Christmas tree. You can put that tree in water in the garage and hold onto it until you're ready to put it up. At least you'll have your tree."
People shopping for trees early didn't seem to mind paying a little extra, saying that having a real Christmas tree brings joy for the family.