Exclusive: Dix Hills man recounts unprovoked attack with brick

Carlos Rodriguez was arrested and was charged in the Aug. 6 assault.

Carmen Grant

Aug 11, 2023, 10:04 PM

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A Dix Hills man who police say was hit in the head with a brick said his physical wounds have healed but that he is still dealing with the emotional impact.
Aaron Rubin got out of the hospital and is at home with his family. He said one minute, he and his friends were enjoying their time outside a pizza shop in Huntington and the next minute he said he was on the ground bleeding from his head after a man threw several bricks at the group.
The 20-year-old spoke only to News 12 Long Island.
Rubin recently underwent three hours of brain surgery and spent several days in the hospital as a result of the unprovoked attack that happened outside of Little Vincent's Pizza this past Sunday.
His friends testified before a grand jury in Riverhead Friday detailing how 30-year-old Carlos Rodriguez allegedly attacked them with bricks.
They say Rodriguez threw four bricks at them. They say they were all struck, but Rubin was injured the worst during the attack.
Rodriguez was arrested and was charged in the Aug. 6 assault.
Rubin said he did not know Rodriguez and still does not understand why he and his friends were targeted.
"Next thing I know, I fall to the ground, bleeding everywhere. My friends, Thank God, got there for me treating me right away until the ambulance got there. I was in the hospital for the next few days," Rubin said.
His friends say they have “no clue” who Rodriguez is.
Those who were out in Huntington say they were stunned to hear about the alleged assault because they consider it to be a safe place.
Rubin said it's the support of his family and friends helping him emotionally get through the attack.
He says he still experiences physical pain and will be going through physically therapy to continue his recovery.
Rodriguez has pleaded not guilty to the charges he is facing.

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