Environmentalists oppose new pipeline proposal, want Sen. Kaplan's help

Several environmentalist groups rallied outside state Sen. Anna Kaplan's office in Carle Place Monday night.
They say National Grid is pushing for the construction of a natural gas pipeline under New York Harbor and in the process is holding the Island hostage with claims of a gas shortage.
They're calling on local lawmakers to reject the Williams Pipeline proposal that would build a 23-mile extension of an existing pipeline to bring in natural gas.
The pipeline would run from New Jersey across New York Harbor to the Rockaways.
Opponents say construction of the pipeline will result in environmental damage.
While new business owners are caught in the middle because they are unable to open their stores due to a moratorium National Grid put out on new gas service.
The utility company says it can't meet the increased demands for service without the pipeline.
Kaplan says she's supportive of the pipeline only on an emergency basis and supports the pipeline as a temporary fix for business owners.
News 12 has reached out to National Grid for comment.