Elementary students deliver meals and more to people in need

A group of children on Long Island is helping others during the coronavirus pandemic by brightening days and making special deliveries.
MUVE stands for Medically challenged, Underprivileged Veterans and Elderly -- and those groups represent just some of the community members being helped by MUVE. 
Elementary school students Giuliana Capobianco, Ella Capobianco, Grace Bartsch and Moira Bartsch founded MUVE before the pandemic began, but now they've shifted their focus a bit.
They've been giving people flowers, chalking driveways with special messages, running errands and delivering meals to those in need and to those on the front lines fighting the pandemic. They've been helping people around Long Island.
"Because it's a kid-built organization, we really wanted them to be able to take action. So with MUVE we really don't ask for monetary donations, it's all about moving. It's about the action-items," explains Dana Capobianco.
You can keep up with the kids' efforts by following them on Instagram.