East End: Schmitt's Farm Stand on Main

One of Long Island's most well-known farming families is growing.
Already with a popular farm stand on Sound Avenue in Riverhead, the Schmitt family now has a stand on the other major road on the North Fork, Route 25 in Laurel.
The stand was already owned by a Schmitt family member, but he retired and sold the business to his cousins -- brothers Matt and Phil. “I kind of told Matt from the beginning, you know how upset you're going to be if you don't see "Schmitt" out there on that sign?,” said Phil Schmitt.
The brothers are continuing what was already popular at the stand -- colorful flowers and plants that they start growing in their greenhouse in February. They grow lots of lettuce on the farm and in the coming months will be sweet corn and other summer standards. They also grow beets, herbs and horseradish.
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