East End: North Fork Chocolate

There are many businesses and food that are essential - and many believe chocolate and ice cream are in that category.
The customers of North Fork Chocolate say their ice cream is so good, it never lasts until the melting point.
Their chocolate ice cream is made from scratch - right from the cacao bean. The chef takes the cacao beans and stone grinds them, turning it into chocolate.
Steve Amaral and his partner Ann Corley are known for their chocolate candies that are made with ingredients sourced from the East End - wine, beer and fruits. But the chocolate itself, comes from Equador. Cacao grows 20 degrees north and south of the equator. At North Fork Chocolate, they take the cacao nibs and infuse them with local red wine, coffee and bourbon.
The owners of North Fork Chocolate are hoping that the comfort food of chocolate an ice cream will provide Long Islanders with a little bit of peace during these stressful times.