East End: Farm to Plate at 1760 Homestead Farm in Riverhead

From farm to plate -- it's a different kind of way that you can experience locally grown foods.
News 12's Doug Geed visited 1760 Homestead Farm in Riverhead in this week's The East End.
Like its name states, the farm goes back to 1760. They're doing something new - serving what they grow.
"It's called Farm to Plate. We started on Sundays, just from 12 to 4. It's like a little light lunch and we showcase whatever's in season," says Larry Kaiser.
This time of year that means lots of tomatoes -- a cucumber-tomato salad, even a tomato pie.
Sometimes there's heartier dishes such as pulled pork from the smoker, ribs with a barbecue sauce that they make with their own tomatoes, jalapenos and garlic.
You can eat at tables spread out on the farm. Then you can shop inside historic barns.