East End: East End Food Institute

Southampton is home to a place where Long Islanders aspiring to launch their own businesses can find help.
The East End Food Institute provides a space for people who have products they want to sell.
East End Food Institute Executive Director Kate Fullam says some people have a product they want to sell, but they are not sure how to start a business.
"It's part guidance and part cheerleader, I think," Fullam says. "That our team not only provides a space for someone to legally and safely make good food, but also help them along and encourage them."
One business called Moji Masala offers packets with traditional Indian spices. The packets also contain recipes from the owner's mother for fish, meats and desserts.
Charity Joy  Robinson also launched her business Kombat-Cha, making Kombucha, a probiotic food drink.
"The community here is great when you do get to interact with some of the other producers," Robinson says. "And it’s nice to bounce ideas off other producers who are doing similar products, working with farms, local ingredients."
They also make a healthy drink made with herbs grown at Sweet Woodland Farm in Southold.