Doctors suggest simple techniques to combat sleepless nights caused by stress

Doctors say there are some simple techniques residents can use to combat sleepless nights caused by the stress of the coronavirus outbreak.
Dr. Michele Reed, of Garden City, says losing sleep is a natural reaction in times of high stress. She says residents can try a few different things to calm their minds while they are trying to sleep.
Some techniques include keeping a daily routine, eating dinner three hours before bedtime, avoiding alcohol before sleeping, turning off electronics at night, limiting time spent watching news and using relaxation apps.
She says focusing on the positive is important too, and this can be done by writing in a gratitude journal every day. It can then help to read the journal right before bed.
She also says getting outside on sunny days and soaking in Vitamin D can contribute to destressing.
Another method is to keep busy and try to get some exercise. Dr. Reed says lowering energy levels throughout the day can help residents feel more tired by bedtime.