Distance learning continues through scheduled spring break for LI schools

Distance learning is on the docket for students for at least a few more weeks after Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that New York schools will be closed through April 29.
This week was supposed to be spring break for Long Island school districts, but because of the pandemic, learning is still in order.
Crystal Hodges and her second grader Avery see the situation both ways -- she thinks not having a break can be tough on the kids, but also understands why it had to be done away with.
"They are just getting into the swing of things and then if you stop them for a week and try to get them back, it might be just a little bit of a nightmare," says Hodges.
"I'm kind of happy because I get to see my friends on Google Meet -- spring break, I'm not happy about that," says Avery.
Avery's teacher Lauren Maywald says although distance learning is challenging, staying online with her students is the right thing to do.
"Just stopping short would be terrible, and honestly I feel a lot of them enjoy it," says Maywald.
Long Island school officials say with distance learning extended, flexibility is key.
"Most districts, most teachers realize this is not an option, this is not a time to debate the situation, it's a time to act and step up," says Nassau BOCES District Superintendent Robert Dillon.
When asked if teachers would be compensated for working during a scheduled break, Dillon said that would be figured out at a later date.