Despite school's assurance, asbestos fears hold

Parents of students at Eagle Elementary School in Medford gathered outside the school building Tuesday to voice concerns about the possible presence of asbestos.
Dozens of students did not return to class after Memorial Day weekend as parents say they?re worried about the air quality at the school.
?My mom's nervous, she's not sure if it's really cleaned up and stuff,? says 9-year-old Sara Birdsall. ?I heard that asbestos has cancer. My dad has cancer, but he's still alive, and I'm really shocked about what's happening in the school.?
The Patchogue-Medford School District assures parents that the school is safe, but some are doubtful ever since News 12 Long Island aired undercover video last week that shows the possible presence of asbestos on the school?s pipes and ceilings. A current and a former custodian at the school claim people have been breathing in the cancer-causing substance for years.
The school says work was done at the school over the weekend. A message on its Web site says that testing was performed and that there is no airborne asbestos.
Some parents are calling for answers from the district, while others say they have no doubt the school is handling the situation properly. School officials held a meeting Tuesday night in the cafeteria to answer parents? questions. Many parents attended the meeting to voice concerns and anger about the way the district has handled the possible asbestos.