Cuomo declines to put confidence behind PSEG LI for latest storm response

PSEG Long Island says it is ready to for cleanup and restorations that will come with Thursday's storms, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo is not so sure that's true.
After Isaias hit Long Island, over 400,000 were left in the dark and it took some over a week to get power back. The delays in service and communication issues led to public outcry and investigations ordered by Cuomo.
When asked if he has confidence in the utility, Cuomo gave a flat-out no.
"There's now a statutory cap on how much you can penalize a utility. It's absurd. Why would you have a statutory cap on a penalty?" says Cuomo. "They should pay the penalty that is commensurate with the damage they did."
Cuomo even said that some utilities would rather pay penalties because it is "cheaper than remedying the problem."
PSEG LI President Dan Eichhorn said Cuomo's comments on penalties are "absolutely not the case."
Eichhorn says his company is not making excuses and is taking ownership for Isaias, but that it is prepared for the latest round of severe weather.