Cuomo announces $10 million for Long Island shellfish hatcheries

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that the state will put $10 million toward supporting and creating more shellfish hatcheries on Long Island. 
The Long Island Shellfish Restoration Project will be planting hundreds of millions of clams and oysters in five sanctuaries. 
The juvenile clams and oysters grown there will then be placed in Long Island waterways to help filter nitrogen pollution.
"We are talking about 180 million clams," says Gov. Cuomo. "That's an unprecedented effort in this country." 
The governor, along with local politicians and Long Island marine scientists, were at the hatchery in Huntington Harbor Wednesday, and participated in "seeding" the bay with shellfish. 
Along with Huntington Bay, the other sanctuary locations are Bellport Bay, Shinnecock Bay, Hempstead Bay and South Oyster Bay.
Long Island scientists and lawmakers have been searching for solutions to combat declining water quality linked to nitrogen pollution from cesspools and fertilizers. 
Fisherman Matthew Goodman says the project is great news.  
"If the water quality is good, there's going to be plenty of fish for everyone," he said.