Crowds line up for Nourish NY, Island Harvest food distribution in Massapequa

Shocking unemployment numbers have made putting food on the table a real challenge for many Long Island residents, but a Massapequa food drive tried to lend a hand.
Island Harvest, in partnership with the state's newly created Nourish New York Program, is distributing food to nearly 3,000 families. It's part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's effort to connect New York farmers and food makers with those in need, by way of a $25 million grant.
All of the food given away at the drive is made in New York. People started lining up for a portion early Friday morning at the Westfield Sunrise Mall.
"It's really going to relieve a lot of pressures, a lot of price gouging out there. And it's just ridiculous for people to lose their income, due to nothing under their control," says Judy Patrick, of Amityville. "And then you go to the store, what do you have, and then you can't afford to feed your family."
Aside from the walk-up area at the drive, there's also a drive-up area where motorists can have food put into the back of their vehicles.
Nourish New York says this is the biggest and first event of its kind in New York. It says 60 other events are planned at sites across the state in the coming weeks.