COVID-19 outbreak crushing normally booming Hamptons construction business

The coronavirus pandemic is crushing the normally booming Hamptons construction business.
Spring is when construction is booming all over, and on the East End, it's a big part of the economy.
This season, there aren't many second homeowners coming out and having work done on their homes.
Under state regulations, only one worker can be on a construction site at a time.
Contractors say that's a crushing blow to their industry. They say it's not safe because a worker by himself going up and down ladders can be dangerous.
They also say that jobs are taking three and four times as long, which means they can't take on new work.
Roy Schumacher and his wife say they were just a day away from getting the permit to build a long-planned expansion on their Cutchogue home when town offices closed.
"We're frustrated. We understand, we know why, but it's a big deal for us because we have to move out," says Schumacher. "We have to find storage facilities, we have to find a place to live and we can't start because we can't get the permit."
Contractors who News 12 spoke to say three or four workers could be on a job site and still be safe.
"Something's got to change because this isn't going to work for the thousands and thousands of construction workers that rely on work every day to feed their families," says Doug McGahan.