Court patrons frustrated over construction

Frustration is growing for the patrons who try to enter the 161st Street Bronx Criminal Courthouse due to construction on the escalators in the building.
Inside of the courthouse, patrons dash just to get into an elevator as they run, push and squeeze inside of the elevator car doors. Since the escalators of the building are undergoing major construction, residents say the end result is heavy delays, long lines and much anxiety.
Residents say it had already been a hassle entering the courthouse before the construction began. People fought through lines due to the medal detectors. Now that the escalators are down, the say entering the courthouse is more difficult than ever. Some patrons say they sometimes have to wait up to an hour just to get inside.
Residents hope the escalator construction at the Bronx Criminal Courthouse is completed sooner than later, to stop the delays and prevent a potential dangerous incident.