Counties see massive drop in sales tax revenue

Nassau and Suffolk counties are reporting massive drops in sales tax revenue as Long Island consumers cut back on spending.
Suffolk says it has seen a $17 million drop in sales tax income since a year ago, for a drop of almost 9 percent. Nassau has seen its sales tax revenue drop $13 million or 8 percent, according to the latest figures.
Suffolk says it?s trying to make up for the huge shortfall by seeking concessions from county workers to make up for the lost revenue. County Executive Steve Levy says a lag payroll is necessary for the county to avoid layoffs. Under Levy?s plan, county workers would give up two weeks salary. He says it would help balance the budget.
However, the county?s biggest union, the Association of Municipal Employees, says it wants to see the comptroller?s report on county finances before any moves are made.
In Nassau, meanwhile, most of the unions have already agreed to a lag payroll.
Suffolk County employees have until the end of the month to decide on whether to accept a lag payroll. Otherwise, about 360 workers could be laid off.
Nassau County Comptroller's OfficeTo see interviews with Suozzi and Levy, go to Channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.