Cops: 1 killer is behind Gilgo murders, probably a LIer

It has been nearly a year since the first of 10 bodies was found along Ocean Parkway, and police say they now believe a single serial killer is behind all of the murders.
Suffolk County police believe the person is from Long Island, and they fear he may kill again.
In December of last year, while police were searching for missing prostitute Shannan Gilbert, they made the discovery of a body along Ocean Parkway between Gilgo and Cedar beaches.
The discovery of more bodies and more remains along Ocean Parkway, as well as in Manorville, Davis Park and on Fire Island, has led police to embrace the single-killer theory.
"The distance between Manorville, Davis Park and Ocean Parkway is over 40 miles," says Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer. "With remains of a victim in your vehicle, driving that distance you got to feel comfortable with the roadways."
Five of the victims were close in age and have been identified as women who worked in the sex trade. Five more, including a man, a woman and a toddler, have yet to be identified. However, police believe they also may be connected to the sex business.
Dormer says it's possible that there are other victims out there not yet discovered.
"Serial killers go into a cooling-off period," he says. "They can go for years without killing somebody, and then you'll have a spate of killings."
Suffolk police also revealed that they do not believe Gilbert's disappearance is related to the other bodies found, but Dormer says the woman is likely dead.
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