Comptroller audit: LI non-profit pocketed $400K

Nassau Comptroller Howard Weitzman is accusing the former head of 100 Black Men of Long Island Development Group of dipping into the non-profit?s coffers.
According to audits released by Weitzman, Clarence Little wrote himself a suspicious check for $400,000 as the group?s finances were collapsing in 2007.
?What we uncovered is an organization suffering from clear financial and organizational difficulties,? says Weitzman. ?There is absolutely no evidence in the records of the development corporation that anyone other than Mr. Little approved this check.?
A building purchased by the group in 2001 for $10 million with a mortgage backed by Hempstead Village and Nassau County has since fallen into foreclosure. Village and county block grant funds are now paying for the building, sucking up money that otherwise would have gone to community groups and charities.
Weitzman has forwarded the results of his audit to the Nassau district attorney's office and the IRS for a possible criminal investigation.