College coaches turn to social media to recruit athletes in post COVID-19 world

Summer is always an important time for high school athletes to connect with college coaches, but the pandemic is causing on-campus visits and face to face meetings to be few and far between.  That makes social media even more important in the quest to find a scholarship.   
For college coaches, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way they recruit since spring varsity sports have been canceled, summer tournaments canceled, and travel seasons canceled – which all mean less opportunities to meet potential recruits in person.
Coaches and athletes have been patient and have looked for other ways to get to know one another, like Twitter, YouTube and Tik Tok.
Some athletes say they hope by showcasing themselves and the increased use of social media will help them get their scholarships.
Other athletes have participated in online Zoom recruiting clinics.
Regardless, just like other thigns in the COVID-19 world – college sports recruiting has a new normal and if they want to win, coaches and athletes have to adapt.