'I'm truly one of the lucky, and blessed ones.' COVID-19 survivor speaks about his recovery

Christopher Yackel has recovered from COVID-19 and just donated his platelets. He joined News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen to answer your questions.
Yackel says that while he is one of the lucky ones, this is a "serious virus, and people really have to take it serious."
He says that what helped him through his symptoms were his wife, friends, and generosity of his community.
Yackel says that rest, relaxation, a lot of fluids, checking his lung function a couple times of day, checking his oxygen level, taking temperature twice a day, and speaking to his doctor were all part of his recovery.
The only medicine Yackel was told to take was Tylenol if the fever got really bad, or if he couldn't handle the fever. 
After his initial symptoms, he started feeling better about 17 days later.