Charity, car service team up for food pantry pickup service

A food pantry pickup service has been put together by PinkTie charity and a car service called Late Night Chauffeurs.

Their service helps small food pantries across Long Island that are struggling to feed families in need during the pandemic,

The two groups coordinate the pickup and delivery of donations by using texting and GPS.

Pastor Charles Roberts, who runs the Salvation Army's pantry in Hempstead, says the number of families in need of food and supplies has doubled.

Among the items needed at the food pantry are canned vegetables and peanut butter. They have a list of essential items on their website.

Ray Thomas is a volunteer driver. He just lost his cousin to the coronavirus.

"This helps me," said Thomas. "It's parts of my healing processes. I am happy to do this and help other families in the need."

For more information on PinkTie, click here.