Central Islip officials roll out revitalization plan

A plan to turn vacant, dilapidated homes into affordable housing was unveiled today in Central Islip.Officials announced plans to build a new development off Lowell Avenue that will have a mix of condominiums and rental units. But what really has neighbors excited is the news that over the next five years, the developer, Jobco, is going to buy about 20 foreclosed homes in the area, renovate them and then resell them as affordable housing. There are hundreds of foreclosures in Central Islip. In the neighborhood across from the new development, there are 70 homes that are either abandoned or foreclosed on. "This is a great thing for the community, and I think this is a way to deal with foreclosure," says Islip Town Councilman Steve Flotteron.Town of Islip Community Development Agency Long Island Housing PartnershipJobco Realty and Construction